As we've said before, a PermaCrete pool from Easton Pool & Spa is a great addition to any backyard. But there are many other enhancements that will add even more value to your pool. Below are some popular options that you might consider, to further tailor your pool to your own specific needs:


Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be not only a necessary addition to your pool environment, they can also be very aesthetically pleasing. Easton Pool & Spa offers a variety of retaining walls in a range of materials, such as concrete and various other types of stone. Beyond their obvious structural importance, retaining walls will not only enhance the look of your pool, but your entire backyard as well.

Retail Store Hours

Retail store locations will be open on Tuesday, April 3 for the season.

Detailed hours will be posted at a later date.

"We will go out of our way to praise Easton Pool & Spa for a great job! Our four children would rather stay at home at their swimming pool than go to Disney World...that ought to tell you something right there!"
- Michael & Christine Duross,
   Norton, MA
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