When people imagine the ideal pool, chances are they’re imagining a PermaCrete pool, with all of its unique features and functions. So what is a PermaCrete pool? In this section, we’ll provide you with all the answers.

In 1989, Easton Pool & Spa became the exclusive South Shore dealer for the PermaCrete Pool System. PermaCrete is a unique state-of-the-art forming system, combining the comfort and stain-resistance of the PermaClad surface, with the strength of concrete and design flexibility of gunite pool construction. It's a combination that always makes a PermaCrete pool the intelligent choice. Here are some major reasons why:

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Unlike those pre-fabricated 'kit' pools made of plastic or steel, our 10" steel-reinforced concrete walls and concrete bottom form a shell strong enough to last for generations. And last it does...just ask our customers! Given its inherent flexibility, the PermaClad vinyl surface is ideally suited to withstand those tough New England winters.

The 10" steel reinforced walls are self-supporting, and allow for backfilling without water in the pool because they will not bend or buckle like steel or plastic. And your choice of decking can be installed during the pool construction process (versus waiting a year or two with a pre-fabricated 'kit' pool) because the PermaCrete system provides the necessary strength for proper compacting and grading. What's more, we back each PermaCrete pool with a lifetime structural warranty.

Corrosion & Stain-Resistance
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Ease of maintenance is another big benefit of a PermaCrete pool. The PermaClad vinyl surface is the most forgiving and stain-resistant surface to fluctuations in water chemistry. Alternative surfaces, such as white plaster, are prone to scale and staining, and they require diligent brushing and water testing. With PermaClad, you and your family will spend more time enjoying your pool, and less time maintaining it.

Design Flexibility & Comfort
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And there’s another big reason to love the PermaClad finish: it's the most comfortable pool surface on the market today. The stairs, walls, and swimouts of your pool are wrapped in a non-corrosive foam padding. Then the PermaClad liner is installed, providing a soft, smooth surface that’s unlike any other. By way of comparison, a little fun and splashing around in a hard-surface plaster pool can sometimes result in skinned feet and knees, or a scraped shin. But the PermaClad surface feels as soft as a leather glove, and will treat every swimmer very gently (especially those little swimmers!)

Once your liner is installed, we retain its exact dimensions in our digital files, making it very easy to create a new one. And with the dozens of beautiful liner designs and patterns we have to choose from, you can have the elegant look of a gunite pool, combined with the soft, smooth comfort of the PermaCrete pool surface. It’s truly the best of both worlds!

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While refinishing costs for plaster pools can be exorbitant, the PermaClad surface will last just as long and, if need be, can be replaced for a fraction of the cost. And that's including materials and labor.

As you can see, the PermaCrete System has many attractive features and benefits. Yet it is also surprisingly affordable. But why not see for yourself? We invite you to visit our showroom in South Easton, where our two display pools will let you see and feel the PermaCrete surface first-hand.

Or give our guy Dave a call, and he’ll show you just what the PermaCrete Difference can mean to you!

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"Our pool has been a great source of fun and entertainment not only for all of us, but also for our friends, neighbors, and relatives. Unfortunately, we did not factor into the budget the extra costs of snacks, beer, wine and margaritas every weekend. But what the heck, you only live once!"
- Cindy & Greg Jezard, Norton, MA
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Give Dave a call, and he'll show you just what the PermaCrete Difference can mean to you!


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