Winter Protection Program

Winter in New England can bring just about anything, and we’re saying bring it on!

Easton Pool & Spa now offers a new program designed to catch and prevent any unexpected damages caused by freezing weather, snow, and ice before they become costly projects. The Winter Protection Program, a dedicated team of highly knowledgeable members of our service team, is braving the cold to ensure your pool is getting the attention and protection it needs during the colder months.

What we do:

  • Ensure winter safety cover is secure
  • Remove any debris and water from cover
  • Check water level to ensure not too high or too low, drain as needed
  • Inspect conditions of equipment/automation systems
  • Add in winter chemicals as needed to maintain a healthy water chemistry (once in early winter, once in early spring)
  • Check condition of perimeter fencing to ensure that pool and pool area remain secure