Yard Features


Perhaps the biggest expression of your outdoor pool life, aside from your pool, is your own poolhouse. Part cabana, part clubhouse, part cafe, this unique and inviting living space will serve many purposes. Whether it’s time to grab some shade, a sit-down lunch with friends, or a comfy refuge from a sudden summer shower, your pool house will be all things to all people. In the capable hands of one of our recommended master builders, your pool house will be a beautiful addition to your backyard. 


Retaining Walls

Retaining walls, a necessary addition to your pool environment, can also double as an aesthetically pleasing feature.  Easton Pool & Spa offers a variety of retaining walls in a range of materials, such as segmental block, concrete and various types of stone. Beyond their obvious structural importance, retaining walls will not only enhance the look of your pool, but your entire backyard as well.


Fireplaces & Fire Pits

Just about everyone is drawn to the warmth and beauty of a fire. A fireplace or fire pit will provide the perfect setting to warm yourself after a refreshing swim, especially when the afternoon sun is dipping low. And even after the sun has gone down, the s’mores and campfire stories can continue around the fire well into the evening!



Outdoor Kitchens

We all know that food and fun go hand in hand, and a grill island is just the thing to transform your backyard into your own private resort. Whether it’s three carloads of neighborhood kids for a swim and weenies and burgers, or a few close friends for grilled shrimp and steaks pool-side, your new outdoor kitchen will soon have you wondering how you ever got along without it!